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Free Intro Meditation Session
For Kids in Roblox

Where play and meditation come together

Meditate in

Where meditation and play come together.​

Your child will learn a meditation technique that will help them to overcome challenges and become a truly happy, self-confident, and compassionate individual, all while having fun and making friends.​​

In our Roblox server, we host a weekly play session with fun competitions and prizes, that culminates in a meditation session.​​

Meditation doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be something your kids truly look forward to!​

Simple Instruction

Simple Instruction

Even kids have stress, anxiety, and fears weighing them down at times. Through meditation, children can learn the important skill of maintaining a positive and peaceful mind that is free of worries, in a fun and friendly environment!

Kids Meditation teaches children how to clear their minds, reflect on their past actions, and gain the power to change themselves.

Kids Meditation Survey

After 2 weeks of meditation,
students answered the question:

How stressed do you feel about your school work?

What are the Benefits for Kids?

Concentration - By discarding the distracted mind, concentration naturally increases.​

Independence - By discarding the resistance to taking action, they can achieve their goals with persistence and patience.

Confidence - By discarding comparison to others and feelings of inferiority, confidence increases.

Positive Mind - By discarding the negative mind, a positive and grateful mind is gained.​

Empathy - By discarding the self-centered mind, the ability to understand the feelings of others improves.​

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