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Reciting Is Not the Same as Becoming

Mike M.

As a small boy, I asked big questions. I could never get a straight answer from my parents, teachers, or even the priest at my church for the question, “why am I here?”. 


As a young adult, I traveled the world in search of the answer to this question. It led me to many religions, gurus, shamans, clairvoyants, hypnotists, spiritual guides, and healers. They all talked about the path to enlightenment and finding Truth within me. But when I asked, “how can I find Truth inside of me?”, the various techniques and methods they taught never led to any real change.

After searching for years, I realized that they spoke only about what they read from books and recited only what they had heard from others. None of them had really become Truth and my questions remained unanswered.


Why am I here? No one knew the answer; no one knew Truth or the way to Truth.


But I could not accept that there was no answer. One evening in Australia, I found a meditation center while on a late night walk. What really captivated my attention was that the meditation instructor explained everything I had studied from my 20-year search and packaged it in a 20 minute lecture. Ultimately, it ended with a promise that I would not have to memorize scripture to understand Truth, I would become Truth itself. 


The revelation that I could become the answer I was searching for itself was the reason I immediately signed up.

After only 2 weeks of practicing, I found one of the answers I had searched for all my life, “who am I?”. What. A. Miracle. I was hooked. At every level, I kept enlightening to more answers. After I completed all the levels, I experienced the thing that I had searched for so long. I knew the answer to why I was here and that is when my whole world shifted.


I want to make it clear that through this guided meditation, all my questions have been answered. I now live a life without stress, worries, pain or suffering. 


To describe what it is like is beyond my vocabulary. However, I encourage anyone who has ever had an existential crisis, to not waste 20 years in a futile search, and take the first step to sign up like I did. 

This works. Period.

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