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Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

Shawn E.

Many people have trouble with sleep, sometimes lasting years.
People try many tricks to improve their sleep and have restful, deep sleep, but they usually don’t solve the problem.


Sometimes people try to solve their sleep problem in different ways: by changing their physical conditions, by drinking warm milk before going to bed, turning off all the lights to keep the room dark, stopping watching YouTube in bed, listening to music or keeping a consistent daily sleep routine.

Music and Other Techniques are Limited in their Effectiveness

These techniques are useful but they usually only help partially and temporarily. Instead, we have to find the cause of poor sleep and a solution that tackles it directly.

With sleep meditation, we can find the actual cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

sleep meditation

The Cause Often Comes From the Mind and Not From One’s Physical Condition

With reflection, we can get rid of the thoughts and concerns. The result is a gradual improvement, like fog clearing away.

meditation for sleep

With guided sleep meditation for sleep we can clear the worries away. When the worries are gone, we can fall into a deep sleep fast.

Another symptom people have is going back to deep sleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

guided meditation for sleep

The Stress Hormone Which Blocks Deep Sleep

We have something called the cortisol hormone, the so-called stress hormone. If you are under stress, the level of cortisol rises. When your body is on high alert, or in, “fight-or-flight” mode, cortisol shuts down the functions that get in the way and makes your body ready to respond in dangerous situations.

So, when you are exposed to stressful situations constantly, your body stays in the high level of cortisol, which interrupts your sleep. You need to work on your stress first with sleep meditation.

Through guided meditation for sleep, we can examine our mind and find what makes us anxious in the first place, then we can let those things go.

We Need More than Music to Relax

When our mind relaxes, so does our body.

In order to sleep better, you should reflect on your mind and pinpoint the reasons for your poor sleep. The causes lie inside your mind, so getting rid of it is the only way to fundamentally solve the problem.

Then we can fall asleep fast and if we wake up in the middle of the night, we can get back to a deep sleep right away.

Deep Sleep Blocker: Anxiety

Another one of the most common problems people face when trying to sleep is anxiety.

There are many different ways of overcoming anxiety, including listening to music, but guided sleep meditation is the best way to do it. Anxiety should be gotten rid of so that you can be free from it permanently, then I can have a deep sleep naturally.

The poem, Agony, from the book ‘ Mind.’

All Anxieties and Agonies Exist Because of All the Minds You Have Within You

We have been attempting to find the reasons outside, but there is no such answer outside. The answer is 100% within. All the anxieties are within your mind, and you must find the answer and solution within through sleep meditation.

guided sleep meditation
deep sleep meditation

Through Meditation for Sleep, We Can Learn Where our Anxieties Come From and How to Deal With Them

Through sleep meditation we can realize that all the reasons come from my accumulated minds: my lived life and the habits inherited from my ancestors. 


For example, if we are a person who often feels angry, we’d express anger or we would store a lot of hatred in our minds, then express hatred to others. All the reasons are coming from our minds.

Then the method should be the thing that eliminates those minds.
Meditation is throwing away all these false minds; reflecting on and discarding all the root causes of my negative thoughts which cause my anxiety.

Meditation for Anxiety is Also Meditation for Sleep

When I look back on the life I lived in depth, and after I discarded my minds with sleep meditation:


  • my overthinking habit had disappeared, and my anxiety disappeared naturally.
  • I didn’t need to pretend and force myself to change my behavior. My mind naturally became calm and comfortable because the roots of my negative minds had disappeared through meditation practice.
  • As the poem above said, when I discarded my false self, which is my lived life and habit, only the true mind remains. And then, I could enlighten to a genuine calm mind, which is my original mind.

The sleep meditation method is straightforward and easy to follow, but also the meditation effect is fantastic. Let’s live without anxiety by discarding our false minds. Meditation for anxiety is also a meditation for sleep.

Deep Sleep Blocker: Hatred

Sleep is also difficult when we have hatred in our minds.


Instead of bottling up our hatred, we need to accept and allow the feelings of hatred. This way, we can cleanse them out with the help of meditation.


Using other methods, like distracting yourself with music or television will not work. To have deep sleep we must get rid of the hatred.

healing sleep meditation

With a Broader Perspective I Can Have Deep Sleep

When we do sleep meditation, we see ourselves from a new, more objective, perspective. This makes it easy to acknowledge and accept everything we have in our mind. You could say that meditation is the complete opposite of avoiding negative thoughts and feelings. Instead it is a process of accepting, allowing, and releasing.


With sleep meditation we release everything we have embedded in our minds during our lifetime. After some practice, we can even release deeply-rooted things we have inherited from our ancestors. 


As we do sleep meditation, our mind returns to its original form, its true form. It naturally becomes a mind of acceptance both towards ourselves and others. It is natural because such a state is every person’s true nature.


Sleep meditation allows me to release hatred and sleep well.

guided meditation sleep

Letting Go of the Past to Have Deep Sleep

Regrets can also prevent deep sleep.

Past mistakes are nothing but stories embedded with negative thoughts and feelings inside our mind. They are similar to a recorded video footage labelled “mistakes”.

Viewed in this way, using meditation, it becomes apparent that past mistakes don’t exist in the present moment and that they are not real. Even though we logically can understand this, why is it so difficult to see beyond our past mistakes?

meditation sleep

A State of Mind Where it’s Not Possible to Dwell on Past Mistakes

When the mind is cleansed with meditation it will no longer be possible to dwell on old mistakes for the simple reason that there won’t be any past to dwell on. We completely live in the present moment, which is reality, and this is the best way to ‘stop’ dwelling on the past and the best way to have a restful, deep sleep.
Meditation to let go of the past is meditation for sleep.

The Importance of Freeing the Mind to Have Deep Sleep

We should make it our top-priority, our mission, to free ourselves from the bondage of our mind. If we do that, a wonderful and joyful life awaits where we are always happy and never dwell on past mistakes. We always live here and now, and we always have deep sleep.

Before doing sleep meditation, it can seem that statements like, ‘living in the present’, ‘freeing the mind’ or even ‘becoming truly happy’, are only buzzwords without any real truth behind them. It seems impossible for anyone to actually achieve the required state of mind or level of consciousness for that to happen.

It is Possible with Meditation for Sleep

However, the more we meditate, the more we will understand that this is in fact possible. 


The reason is that sleep meditation takes us back to reality. As we empty our mind, we see that everything in fact is reality; we can see this because our mind has become reality. This reality is not cluttered by thoughts of past events. It is just what it is. Right now, and right here.

A life of reality is flow. We just do what we do, and as we apply our mind to a task at hand results will come as a natural consequence. This is a principle. Living a true life is a much higher life than a life cluttered by thoughts of past mistakes or other worries. 


We owe it to ourselves to do sleep meditation and make an effort to come out of the mind, because only then are we able to see the true meaning and beauty of life.

Meditation for Sleep is the Solution

No matter how big or small your problem is, guided sleep meditation will help because it brings you back to wisdom and truth. You can over come any problem, including sleep problems. You can do meditation for sleep to have consistently deep sleep.