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What is confidence?

Claire L.

As a meditation guide, I ask people why they want to meditate.


Many people said they wanted confidence.


I asked the reason behind it, and most said it was because they wanted to succeed.


But having confidence in order to succeed can be a self-centered idea.


🔶 Confidence -> Success(?)

Most of the successful people I’ve encountered didn’t achieve success solely due to their self-confidence. Success is not just about one’s personal efforts; it is possible only when various relationships and conditions follow along with my efforts.


Many successful people acknowledge that luck and unexpected opportunities play a significant role in their achievements.

I, too, experienced a time when my meditation center thrived among centers worldwide.


But personally, it was the most mentally challenging period for me, and my self-confidence was at its lowest. The success of that center was not solely my doing; it was thanks to the support of temporary team members and my master, who had already laid the groundwork.


I received praise and glory because I was in charge of that center. This experience taught me that successful people understand that their success is not solely theirs. They are grateful for everything and everyone around them, and when they share their success for the benefit of the world, it becomes their true happiness. In doing so, they become genuinely self-confident individuals.

🔷 Confidence: it is a term that expresses the power to take action.

Action is crucial for achieving anything, according to my meditation teacher. Here are some of my teacher’s words I’d like to share:


The main reason people do not reach their goals is they lack action. Lacking action means that they are without movement, and movement is sacrifice. Sacrifice is gathering other’s power.


To achieve a goal, one should use other’s power. This power comes from his actions and sacrifices. It is possible to exceed one’s goals when there is action, but without action, a goal can never be reached and remains as a dream.


The fundamental reason people are not able to reach their goals is they are without action and have a self; their bodies are too precious so they are unable to put in the action to reach their goals. In any case, the easiest way to reach a goal is through action.



In the end, when you have the power to take action, you can gain trust from people around you, and that trust brings favorable conditions and environments, enabling you to achieve what you want.


Therefore, self-confidence can be described as the ability to take action along with the ability to coexist harmoniously with others.

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