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What's the most useful social skill?

Ilian P

The most useful social skill that I’d like to share is,
rather than calling it a skill, it’s about mindset.


“Rather than thinking about what I can get from the other, think about what I can do for them.”


If you constantly have expectations and demands from others, people know it. Those kinds of minds are unhealthy for relationships. I used to put a lot of effort to get along well with people in my life. Despite my efforts, I had a lot of difficulties in relationships. But through meditation, I could clearly understand why I had difficulties in relationships and how to get along well with others. It feels like my lifelong homework has been solved.

Meditation allowed me to look back at myself clearly. When I looked back on my life, I realized that I was a person who is calculative and selfish. Deep in my heart, I always think about how I can get from others. There were many expectations and wants I had for others. And I used to take the other person’s favor for granted. Because I treat people with this mind, of course, it was difficult to build relationships with me. I hadn’t realized I treated others in this way. Maybe I’d never know my real state of mind if I didn’t look back on myself with meditation.

Using the meditation method I diligently discarded the causes(from life live) of my way of treating people. I discarded cause of expectations, selfish mind, mind of blame, mind of taking it for granted. More I let go cause of my mind, I have changed. In the past, I could easily calculate whether a person was helpful to me, but now I find it easier to be sincere with people. I’m able to be grateful for others. 

The more grateful I am for the people around me and the conditions, the more I become happy and energetic. As much as a hindrance, judgment, and a calculative mind disappeared from my mind, I could see others as they are. It becomes easier to get along with people. Also, people opened their minds to me.


If you discard the cause of the selfish mind and if you focus on helping others rather than trying to gain your own, people know and will like you. Clearing away one’s cause of mind is the best way to have a grateful mind and have a good relationship. Already the cause and the solution are within your mind. If you want to know how to clear your mind and have a good relationship, you can refer to the video below🌱

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