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How Can I Improve My Focus?

Jamin K.

I’m a graduate of MIT Engineering and UPenn Law School, so I know what it feels like to study under pressure at elite institutions. My acceptance and strong performance at an Ivy League school was not due to innate skill nor talent, but instead, to certain studying tricks that I would like to share with you today.

  1. There have been numerous studies and articles discussing how the mere presence of a smartphone reduces cognitive capacity, EVEN IF ONE IS NOT ACTIVELY USING IT. (How Your Cell Phone Distracts You Even When You’re Not Using It; Hide Your Phone When You’re Trying to Work. Seriously.) When I sit down to study, I turn off my phone. If you don’t feel comfortable turning off your phone, then at least silence it completely. Next, I put my phone in a drawer away from my study area. If it is within arm’s reach, the temptation is still there to open the drawer and take a peek. I am talking about putting the phone in another room or in a place that is very difficult to retrieve. The more barriers it takes to access the phone, the less temptation there is to check it.
  2. In his bestselling book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Timothy Ferris recommends setting a tight deadline, because as we all know, the closer we are to a deadline, the more efficient we become. I make a list of all the tasks I need to complete. I take a moment to think about how long it will take to complete each task. And I set a date and time for the deadline. These are firm deadlines. This method gives me a boost to my productivity as long as I am able to treat a my self-assigned deadline as a hard deadline.

3. Finally, I meditate. The first two methods are ways to trick my brain: removing distractions and giving a sense of urgency. Requiring me to be determined, they are much easier said than done. This final method—meditation—has been more accessible and has had lasting effects on me. It has helped me eliminate distractions and mental baggage holding me back. I have become free from worrying about results and being diverted to something happening elsewhere. Now I can focus. My mind stays where I am. Due to my meditation routine, I can read a book, study or work hours at a time without being distracted.

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors and I hope these tricks will bring you the success that they have brought to me.