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How can I make my brain sharper, smarter, and lightning fast?

Erin A

From the national science foundation:


People have 60,000 thoughts per day.
80% are negative.
95% are repetitive from the day before.


In common sense, if there are so many thoughts, it is easy to lose focus. For example, if your room is messy with a lot of stuff, it’ll be hard to manage your place. But if your room is clean and neat, The range of activities will expand, and your work efficiency will much increase. Our brain capability is also the same. Brain ability will reduce if there is too much distraction in our mind. Furthermore, stress(comes from thoughts) is the worst enemy for brain health.


There are so many methods about how to manage and clear the physical thing in the world. But no one told us the exact method of how to solve and clear our mind fundamentally. Resting your body doesn’t mean that you can rest your mind fundamentally. we also need an exact way how to rest and clear our minds. There is the method of how to let go and clean your mind and how to recover and find your true mind within.

Deep inside our mind, there are so many thoughts that we accumulated from our lived life. For example all the past (the moments you had a conflict with other, memories that you failed, etc), worry about the future, etc. These kinds of thoughts make us hard to put into action. Also, prevent the brain from working sharply and intuitively. Because we act and think according to exactly what we have in our mind.


Once you discard all the negative minds your brain becomes sharper, smarter, and lightning fast. Once you clear your mind, the true mind which is our original mind revealed. With this mind, you can have tremendous abilities and your potential within. Because this mind is wisdom itself. There is not that much hindrance within, you become more intuitive and smart. Also, you can grasp the core quickly.


The wisdom and truth are already within you. If you want to know more about how to clear your mind, plz refer to below.🌱

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