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If You Could See From Outside the Snow Globe, You Would Know You’re Inside the Snow Globe​

Claire L.

We all struggle to make the right decisions for our own lives. Some decisions are tougher than others. Some are bigger and will impact more of our lives and some are smaller and won’t change much of anything. I won’t sit here and pretend that I always knew what to do or what to say in every situation, but I can assume that every person reading this did not know how to make the correct decision every single moment in their lives.

You may think that you have some control over your life, but the truth is that we were all given a hand, and we play with the cards we were dealt. What are we doing here? Well, most of us are very busy. We are going to work. We are quitting work or getting laid off from work. We are taking care of family or being taken care of by family. We are cooking or going out to eat. We are cleaning and taking care of pets. We are celebrating weddings, births, reunions, and anniversaries. We are mourning deaths, fighting against injustice, or falling ill. We are traveling or just staying in and watching TV.

No matter what we are doing, our lives are an accumulation of event after event after event that we have to make decisions around. And guess what? This accumulation of events and decisions is causing an accumulation of mind in your brain.

So why is it so tough to know what the “right thing” to do is?

Because after so many years of accumulating this mind, we can no longer see ourselves clearly. In this state, it is impossible to know what is right for us. We happen to be living in a snow globe that we call life and we’re all doing our best to survive every shake that sends the snowflakes twirling around us. And the thing is, we don’t even know we’re living in a snow globe because everyone else is living in the same snow globe!

However, after practicing this meditation, a few things started to change. First, I started to see how I was living in a snow globe. I could feel my attachments and judgments when I made a decision about anything. I could see when I was having a mind about something, even though, in the same exact situation prior to meditation, this would have been a subconscious thought. I also used to curse a lot when I had a problem, but I started to appreciate the difficult decisions I had to make every day because they led me to see how I was trapped in the snow globe.

And once I started getting into the higher levels, making decisions became easy for me because I could see the bigger picture. I saw how my coworkers, my parents, and my friends were also trapped in the snow globe and struggling to make the right decisions for themselves.

One beautiful day, after discarding all the accumulation of events in my life, I became my true self. For the first time, I saw myself clearly. I saw the world clearly. I made decisions without doubt because I could accept any condition and any circumstance from this snowy snowy snow globe. It felt like I had opened a secret door from inside the snow globe. I had found a way to step outside of the glass and that is when I knew I had achieved what the meditation called, “true freedom and liberation”. It really is.


This is the greatest gift in the world.