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Knowing the Root Causes of My Disease Helped Me Control It

Hank L.

Work has always come first in my life. My work day starts early in the morning until late at night. Unfortunately, because of my workaholic nature, my body suffered tremendously. I never worked out, I never had time to cook, and I always had too little energy during the day. In my heart of hearts, I knew I had to start getting in shape, but with such little energy and time, I did not have the motivation.


I felt helpless.


One day, after an especially difficult day of work, I felt pain in my chest. My doctor diagnosed me with a heart condition and told me I had to find ways to reduce the stress or my heart would fail.

So I started practicing meditation because I was desperate to reduce my stress level. It is commonly said that “the origin of illness is in the mind”, but I never thought I would have learned this lesson so clearly after my near-death experience.


My meditation instructor helped me find all the things that were creating stress in my life… my clients, my family, my busy schedule, my pattern of negative thinking when it came to taking care of my body… and showed me how all of these minds were weighing me down and literally causing pain in my body.

If it is true that the mind and body are one, and that the origin of illness is the mind, then this meditation is learning how to become a surgeon and cutting out all the deep-rooted causes of disease rotting in your mind.


Once you’ve had a chance to feel what it is like to surgically remove these negative thoughts permanently from the mind, you can never be the same. 

It is life changing and I am so grateful for the meditation, for my instructors, and for the other meditators who helped me through this incredible journey of self-discovery, defeating my workaholic nature, most importantly, improving my body condition.

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