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How can you improve your communication skills?

Alan T

Even with the same words, we like to communicate with one person but may not like it with another.


What causes the difference? The intellectual level of speech? The content of words? The tone?


Communicating well is about ‘the mind’ of the person speaking.

If you listen to the other’s words with no mind, you can communicate well with others. Listening without judgment and frame comes naturally to them, and they also listen to you.


I used to have difficulty communicating with others. I could find the reason within me and find a solution through meditation.


Looking back on my mind, I could see deeply how I treated people. 


Reproachful thoughts about others filled my mind, and I felt ‘I’m right.’ My words reflected my thoughts. So with my words, I used to wound others’ feelings. It was hard to control because of my self-centered mind. The mind I had was like a thorn. That’s why it wasn’t easy to communicate.

I could discard those thorns that I had with meditation.


Significant changes through discarding the mind. The process of emptying my mind was the process of removing my thorns. All the minds that I had were self-centered. The more I discard my self-centered mind, my judgment of others reduced naturally, and I could accept others better. The more I discard the minds, my true mind, which is our original mind revealed. Communication becomes much more comfortable. And people liked to listen to me as well.


When we treat others with a true mind, our origin, we can communicate well with others. The most effective way to do this is to cleanse one’s mind(ex. frame, judgment, mind that I am right, the mind of blame, etc.)


Even kids would know what kind of mind I speak. Cleansing our minds is an essential process for everyone. If you want to know how to improve communication, plz refer to below.🌱

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