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What's the best relationship advice you can give someone?

Judy S

Understanding others and getting to know each other may take time but you have to be patient with people and keep an open heart.


I have two boys, both of whom are mischievous. They struggle in school and often get into trouble with their pranks. In particular, my second son has an intellectual disability, making it challenging for him to get along with others.

Four years ago, my sons attended a student camp where they lived with their teachers and peers for a week, similar to a Boy Scouts camp.


I volunteered to accompany my sons at the camp out of concern for their well-being. I feared it would be difficult for them, accustomed to the attention and love of their parents, to adapt to living among so many people.

Fortunately, my sons had caring teachers at the camp who looked out for them.


When my eldest son had conflicts with his friends, his teacher helped him resolve them through conversation.


When my second son cried in his sleep, his teacher comforted him. I felt grateful to everyone for their kindness.


Initially, I had a negative impression of the teachers at the camp.

I found my eldest son’s teacher to be overly talkative and interfering.


The teacher in charge of my second son, despite being warm-hearted like a mother, seemed short and much older than me, and I doubted her suitability as a teacher.

However, I began meditating, and over the years, my perception of these teachers changed.


Last week, I coincidentally encountered them in the neighborhood. The talkative teacher was still chatty, but her eyes were kind, and she showed genuine interest in my son’s well-being. The shorter teacher immediately expressed her fondness for my second son upon seeing me.


It was then that I realized I wasn’t the only one invested in my sons’ welfare. Many others were genuinely caring too. Despite his intellectual disability, my second son is thriving in middle school and enjoying a fulfilling social life. My eldest son even expressed gratitude for a delicious meal, signaling his contentment with school life and friendships.


I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me and my family, especially those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Thank you all.

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