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I Should Have Stopped My Mind From Wandering Instead of Changing My Environment in Vain

Emma J

For many years, I had trouble with my sleep. While I lay awake in bed, my mind would wander everywhere and it would normally take me an hour or more each night to finally fall asleep. My sleep deficiency negatively affected my work, my focus, and my mood so I tried various ways to improve my sleep.


  1. A few of these tweaks were:
    Drinking warm milk before going to bed
  2. Turning off all the lights to keep my room dark
  3. Limiting screen use (phone, iPad, TV) while in bed
  4. Keeping a daily routine

Although I felt a little better with these physical environment changes, they weren’t enough to solve the root problem.

It wasn’t until I started meditation that I realized that the root of the problem stemmed from my mind, not my body. I had been trying to make changes to my environment in order for my body to feel comfortable enough to sleep, when I should have been trying to find out how to stop my mind from wandering in the first place.

I realized that the places my mind would go were very unhealthy for me.


  1. Regret – “I regret saying that to him today”
  2. Inferiority – “What does he think about me?”
  3. Fantasy Thinking – “I wish I could turn back time and take it back.”
  4. Low Self Esteem – “I should have said this instead…”
  5. Pride – “I’m so proud of the brilliant line I told my boss today.”
  6. Complaints – “Wow, was she arrogant!”
  7. Anger – “How could she say that to me in front of my boss?!”


    I can’t imagine that I am the only one who has thoughts like these keeping them up at night. But with meditation, it was like that fog cleared away completely. It took time, but as I threw away these thoughts, I was able to fall asleep faster and faster. Nowadays, I fall asleep right away and I definitely could not have done this without meditation. Thank you!

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